Bem-0615 Replacement roof at Dunoon House and Caithness House
Bemerton TMO is a not for profit Tenant Management Organisation delivering housing services as an agent of Islington Council (Islington). Bemerton TMO is seeking the appointment of a Contractor to carry out the roof replacement works to Dunoon and Caithness Houses as part of phase one of the cyclical maintenance programme to Bemerton Estate, Islington. The successful contractor will work alongside scaffold, decorating and general repairs contractors delivering the cyclical maintenance programme, also appointed by Bemerton TMO.

The requirement
The roof system required is a Bauder “Total Roof System” or similar if proposed and approved. The two low rise blocks (4 story) blocks contain 98 properties. The contract is expected to have a start date around November 2015 with the duration to be specified within the tender. It should be noted that all common areas shall be occupied and in use during the works and the Contractor should manage them accordingly

This contract is not being divided into lots. A single contractor will be appointed to carry out the works to replace the roof at Dunoon House and Caithness House.

Contract Value
The estimated total value of this contract is £280,000 over the term of the contract.

Award criteria
The contract will be awarded to the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations. MEAT for this contract is cost 70% and quality 30%. Further details will be provided in the invitation to tender.

Cost 70%
Quality 30%

Quality made up of:
Proposed approach to quality
Proposed approach to collaborative working with other contractors
Proposed approach to programme schedule
NB: All questions will be equally weighted

Total 100%

Tenderers should be aware that we reserve the right to hold site visits and/or presentations and/or interviews during the tender process. Site visits and/or presentations and/or interviews will be for verification/clarification purposes of the written submission.

We reserve the right to interview leading bidders.

Procurement Process
The contract will be procured using the Restricted Procedure. The Restricted Procedure means the procurement process will be conducted in two stages.

The first stage will involve selecting a maximum of the 5 highest-scoring organisations through a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). All submissions will be subject to minimum requirements as stated in the PQQ.

The second stage will be an evaluation of tenders submitted by bidders who are selected at the PQQ stage.
How to express an interest
To express your interest in this contract notice please e mail:

Upon receipt of your expression of interest you will be sent a pre-qualification questionnaire.
The deadline for expressions of interest is: Midday 6th July 2015
Submission of pre-qualification questionnaires by: Midday 7th July 2015
Late submissions will not be accepted.

Only send your expression of interest at this stage. An electronic copy of the pre-qualification questionnaire will be sent to you for completion once we receive your expression of interest.


The following is provided for information:


PQQ information:

20150622 PQQ instructions Bemerton

PQQ Bem-0615


ITT information:

20150602 Invitation to Tender instructions Bemerton

ITT Bem0615


Section 1 – Roofing Prelims Rev

Section 2 – Roofing Specification

Section 3 – Roofing SOW Rev

Appendix 1 Asbestos Register – Dunoon House

Appendix 1 Asbestos Register – Caithnenss House

Appendix 1 Caithness House – Asbestos Management File

Appendix 1 Dunoon House – Asbestos Management File

Appendix 2 Bemerton Estate Map

Appendix 3 Contact sheet photos (35)

Appendix 4 – Bauder Survey Report Caithness House

Appendix 5 – Bauder Survey Report Dunoon House

Appendix 4&5 Caithness A01aA

Appendix 4&5 Caithness K05A

Appendix 4&5 Caithness J11D

Appendix 4&5 Caithness J10A

Appendix 4&5 Caithness F03A

Appendix 4&5 Caithness D01D

Appendix 4&5 Caithness D01A

Appendix 4&5 Caithness A12A

Appendix 4&5 Dunoon D01A

Appendix 4&5 Dunoon D01D

Appendix 4&5 Dunoon F03A

Appendix 4&5 Dunoon J10A

Appendix 4&5 Dunoon K05A

Appendix 4&5 DunoonJ11D

Appendix 4&5 Dunoon A01aA

Appendix 4&5 Dunoon A12A