Interested in Art?







Something exciting is coming to Bemerton!

There is a group of amazing artists that want to work with residents on Bemerton! They will be taking residency in the art studio 4 right next to Cally Pitch.

If you ever wanted to get involved with photography, street art, knitting or any type or art imaginable, now is your chance. Workshops and classes are free for Bemerton residents! you will get the chance to work with some really talented people, have access to some great art books and have fun in a welcoming and exciting space on your estate!

We will have our very own art gallery which will be free for residents to enter and some really great art books that you can borrow, and who knows….. if it goes really well, you could maybe even display your work in the  gallery when you finish!

Art should be by the community for the community, so if want to get involved with changing the face of the Cally, now is your chance. This is open to EVERYONE including you, so don’t miss out on the chance to join something AMAZING.

For more information and to receive notifications of the workshops please get in touch with the or telephone 0207 609 8959.