Bemerton has for the last seven months played host to two Master’s students from Central St Martin’s University.

Marina and Sonia arrived on the Bemerton in December keen to work with our community and full of ideas on how to engage, inspire and help improve our estate.

Mariana ran a series of events that focused on engaging the community, transforming the square next to Pembroke and Perth into a Cinema, Café, Games space and gardening event.


Mariana 2

There was some fantastic turn out to the events and it lead to many great outcomes, like the installation of our new outdoor table tennis table!

Here is a link to Mariana’s blog if you would like more information on her events and the ideas behind her project.

Sonia’s project centred on health and how best to make health more personal and less medicated.

sonia 4

She worked with a number of residents to chronical their health stories and build a picture of how their health could be improved, using the series of on to one sessions to bring to light what may be causing their personal health problems.

The finished result was a great visual aid encompassing the outcome of the sessions, which could be used to help the individual chronical their own personal health story and assess how best to improve their health and wellbeing!

sonia 5

A huge thank you to both students and we eagerly await future collaborations with Central St Martins!



Hopefully you have seen us working around the estate ground these past months. As you might remember we spent this last semester working from the Art Studios on our graduation projects for Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts.


During this time we had the opportunity to meet many of you and learn about your experiences and hopes and dreams for the estate. We where delighted to find out how welcoming and warm the community is and really feel we got to know the neighbourhood well.


As foreigners we got to know some real London spirit, and it was really interesting hearing all the stories about the history of the estate and its people. These stories inspired us to shape our projects the way we did.


We couldn’t have done it without support and insight of residents that got really involved in the process. Generally we would like to thank the TMO, of course, for giving us their support and hosting the projects. And also groups like the Friday Library group that engaged us in their daily life stories, especially Michelle and Catlin. Dr. Hannah Finders, for her key insights and engagement, and many of her patients for their willingness to participated. And individual residents Debbie, Asia, Hermela, Tania, Siohban and all the kids around Orkney House that who’s excitement and energy really brought it all alive.


We take this experiences with us and they will definitively help us shape our future interests and will be tools to develop further practice.