Jean Stokes Community Centre Update; Now taking bookings!

The Jean stokes community Hall refurbishments are now almost complete. The finishing touches have are now being done to the interiors and the work on the new entrance has begun. On top of… Continue reading

Jean Stokes Hall Refurbishments

The Jean Stokes Hall refurbishment is moving at a spectacular pace! First fix plumbing/waste is done, plastering is finished, paint has gone on the walls, lights have started to be installed, the air conditioning… Continue reading


Yet another mammoth week of progress at Jean Stokes! The main structural and electrical works are now almost done. We have started plastering the walls, which once dry we will be able to… Continue reading

This Week’s Live Vacancies

Job Club – 13022015   Please see above vacancies being advertised in the local area this week. If you have any queries about job club or would like support with your job search please… Continue reading

Jean Stokes Hall Refurbishment

Have a look at the slide show for an update of the refurbishment works at the Jean Stokes Community Hall. First Fix electrics are well under way, the glass partitions in the hallway… Continue reading

This week’s hot vacancies!

Job Club – 100215 Please see above a list of vacancies for this week, if you would like any more details, please use the contact form below, or come to Job Club next… Continue reading


Job Club – Week 11 (2 February 2015)   Please see above a list of live vacancies for this weeks Job Club, if you have any questions about these jobs do come to Job Club… Continue reading

Jean Stokes Hall Refurbishment

The Jean Stokes Hall closed its doors on Monday the 19th of January for the start of the refurbishment. After securing almost £100,000, the first week of the project got off to a… Continue reading

This Week’s Live Vacancies

Please see below the live vacancies for this week.   Job Club – 26 Jan 2015   If you have any questions please get in touch using the form below.


19 Jan 2014   Please see above the live vacancies for this week. If you would like to know more please get in touch using the contact form below.